Banana Boat Rides Are a MUST for Fun Seekers in Manalapan!

Although lesser known than other South Florida areas like Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm itself, Manalapan is the place to be for any activities that have anything to do with water.

The pristine residential community located south of the West Palm Beach Metropolitan area, Manalapan provides visitors and residents alike a unique opportunity to truly take in Florida’s sparkling ocean waters and gorgeous vistas that very few other areas can match.

When others are flocking to crowded and busy areas like South Beach and Miami, consider fun activities for families as well as individuals in the Manalapan area. One of our favorites and our clients’ favorites at Bouyah Watersports is the fun and exhilarating banana boat ride.

Wet and wild banana boat rides in Manalapan are many visitor’s favorite attractions in the South Florida area. You can get wet and have a blast on one of these awesome watercraft, making memories for your next vacation away.

Our banana boat rides are safe, crewed and piloted by our experienced staff looking to help you have the best possible time in a safe environment. Read on to learn more about banana boat rides in Manalapan from our team at Bouyah Watersports!

What Exactly is a Banana Boat?

Banana boats are powerless inflatables that get their propulsion through towing by a boat or jet ski. Each banana boat is made from a thick yellow tube with two small tubes attached to each side to help the watercraft balance. Banana boat rides in Manalapan can accommodate riders as a popular activity for families, friends, and other groups.

You start off with a banana boat ride right on the beach. It is important to note for visitors from other areas that our weather here in Florida is typically quite hot, although it is also often breezy, helping to alleviate the heat. Nevertheless, one of the best remedies to get cool in the heat is jumping through the waves and across the water with pace on a banana boat ride!

Captains operate a boat or personal watercraft, pulling the banana boat behind them. Pulling the boat along enables riders to experience jumps and twists through the water. The boat can get moving quite fast.

We always encourage our riders to feel as comfortable as possible in the water, and you could potentially fall off. Should this occur, the captain will slowly turn around before helping you back up onto the jet ski or boat. Then, you can quickly jump back on the banana boat and continue your experience.

Safety First

It is only natural to feel some apprehension when trying something new. However, with Bouyah Watersports and our banana boat rides in Manalapan, our operators exhibit all the necessary safety certifications and licensure to operate watercraft safely in the Florida waterways.

We want our passengers to make memories for the right reason. While we do work to help our guests have the most fun possible with us during any activity, safety is our top priority for any of our watersport excursions.

We encourage riders to consider that banana boat rides in Manalapan jump and jostle through the water just like any other boat of watercraft. For this reason, keeping valuables and things like sunglasses, hats, and phones back on the shore.

Riders should also be over the age of 4, with any riders under age 18 accompanied by a parent or other legal guardian. If parents and guardians choose not to ride, we need their consent to allow them on board.

Banana boat rides represent the ideal solution for groups. Unfortunately, for large parties, not everyone will necessarily fit on a single banana boat. The good news is that the Bouyah Watersports team can bring along a couple of vessels to ensure the entire group gets to enjoy the fun with everyone else!

Information on Banana Boat Rides in Manalapan from Bouyah Watersports

When you are looking for exciting things to do with the whole family or other large groups in South Florida, we suggest trying out the Manalapan location. With our banana boat rides in Manalapan, we assure you an exciting and invigorating time that you’ll never forget!

To learn more about our bookings and all that we can provide you during your South Florida stay, contact the friendly and professional team from Bouyah Watersports today for more information!