Time for Some Fun in the South Florida Sun!

Experience the best of the South Florida fun with Bouyah Watersports beach excursions in Miami Beach. Get up close and personal on a tour of the local spots, or hop on a jet ski or paddleboard for some excitement out on the water. You might quickly discover that you’ll never see the same thing twice!

The Miami area boasts an unrivaled combination of year-long sunshine and natural beauty, in addition to a plethora of exciting things to do. However, when most people think about South Florida, a single thought pops into almost everyone’s mind: the beach. It might represent the worst kept secret that Miami wields more than its fair share of beaches for everyone to enjoy.

It’s all well and fine if you just want to lie back and take in some rays while enjoying the view. However, if you and your party want something a bit more exhilarating, you can certainly find excitement on the coast, or on the water with beach excursions in Miami Beach.

Beach Excursions in Miami Beach – On the Water

For individuals that possess a desire for speed and adrenaline, you would remain hard-pressed to find more thrills than you can experience on a wave runner. Bouyah Watersports even offer wave runner tours that enable riders to control their own personal watercraft while enjoying a personal tour from our area experts.

You can board a vessel and enjoy the South Florida coastline while a tour guide points out numerous popular sights. These include spectacular views of famous homes, other iconic vessels, as well as the iconic melding of metropolis and tropical landscape. These beach excursions in Miami Beach serve as an exciting and enjoyable way to get some sun on your skin and some salt in your hair while gaining some insight into our “Magic City.”

After spending some time on the ocean, you might want to take some time closer to shore with a trip around the bay in a banana boat or walk on the wild side with an invigorating kiteboarding experience.

These popular water sport activities provide guests with safe and thrilling experiences. With a banana boat ride, you can even bring along the entire group. This vessel offers a capacity of up to 6 passengers at a time, towed around the waterways with a licensed Captain with one of our most popular beach excursion activities.

Beach Excursions in Miami Beach – Spend a Night on the Town

Should you decide that one of the Bouyah Watersports tour excursions remains right for you, we recommend taking note of some of the landmark coastal areas that you tour guide directs your attention to.

Miami boasts a world-renowned nightlife. For this reason, we additionally offer numerous locations for you and your guests to get dressed up and take in some South Florida culture. Regardless if you want to hit the museums, or kick back and have a few drinks, the Magic City can provide an ideal solution.

South Florida is certainly a dream destination that offers some of the best amenities and accommodations that you can find anywhere. From art galleries to alligators, clubs, and live music, you can stop where you want to stop, go where you want to go, all while acquiring everything you need to know for a truly unique Miami experience.

South Florida can serve as the perfect backdrop for a fun day or night for you, your family, and your guests. Although you may not speak Spanish when you arrive, after you take in some of the unique Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Latin flavor, you will gain a unique appreciation for the Miamian culture reserved to the South Florida community.

Beach Excursions in Miami Beach with Bouyah Watersports

With over 25 years of industry experience, our team from Bouyah Watersports oversee the busiest volume of water channels anywhere in the United States. Nevertheless, we place safety as a paramount throughout our sixteen locations in the state of Florida to ensure that our guests experience preeminently safe and exciting endeavors.

Our team works where you play. For this reason, we make vacations and staycations our absolute top priority for visitors and residents alike. Bouyah Sports aims to help you live your best life, assisting you with great times our on the Florida waters.

To learn more about our various beach excursions in Miami Beach, contact the professional team from Bouyah Sports today!