What is Kite Surfing in Miami Beach?

Kite surfing represents a natural evolution of extreme, wind-powered watersports. The activity combines traits of both windsurfing and wakeboarding. However, the powerful air-foils and lightweight nature of the kite surfing board provides a kiteboarder better performance capabilities than any sport previous.

Although the history of kite surfing in Miami Beach is a short one, the sport combines some of the most exciting components of other extreme sports. A kite-board is a simple concept, enabling any rider an ability to cultivate their own style. This reflects their unique, creative imagination, as well as their personal expression.

While no one really knows how kite surfing in Miami Beach might evolve in the future, at present time it has already expanded into snow-sport, and taken new directions into both foil-boarding, and land-boarding.

Our team from Bouyah Watersports wants to outline some information on the awesomeness that is kite surfing in Miami Beach. We hope that the following details convince you that getting out on the water yourself with a fun and exciting kiteboard is a safe, exciting way to enjoy fun in the sun in South Florida.

How Does Kite Surfing in Miami Beach Work?

Kite surfers fly their kites across the wind. This provides traction power through the lines that enable the rider to control their kite bar. Riders hold onto this bar similar to the way that water skiers grasp a ski-rope handle. They can then steer the kite by pulling the opposing ends of the bar.

This process is a simple as pulling the bar left to steer left, or to the right to in turn steer the kite to the right. Riders additionally wear harnesses to allow them to hold the kite’s power with the body instead of placing the burden on the arms. This additionally frees the arms to more easily steer the kite-board. Furthermore, the harness enables the rider to surf utilizing only one of their hands.

A rider also glides across the water on a board similar to a small surfboard. They can steer the board with their feet. By steering the kite into different positions, the rider may sail themselves across the wind in either direction making a series of tacks or zigzags.

With a big kite and very little equipment weight, kite surfing in Miami Beach involves surfing along the water very lightly, and very fast. The sport is growing very fast in popularity. This is largely due to the lack of masts, heavy rigging, or extensive expense for a whole lot of fun!

Learning Kite Surfing in Miami Beach

Most people begin kite surfing in Miami Beach on a small “trainer kite.” Beginners will start on land at first. The smaller kite imparts less power. This makes it easier for beginners to manage and allows them to learn about how the wind affects the kite.

Trainees need to gain kite control skills before attempting kite surfing in Miami Beach with a more powerful piece of equipment. Proper training involves learning to steer a kite correctly on lighter equipment. Nevertheless, a trainer kite will still provide a control bar, in addition to a leash that de-powers the kite if the student drops the bar.

Flying kites on land must involve some degree of caution. Trainees should find open space away from buildings, powerlines, and other people. However, if students can find an area with a steady wind and an experienced helper, they can start kite surfing on the open water in almost no time at all.

Even small kites can get unruly. For this reason, learners must ensure they don’t take a trainer kite’s small size for granted. Taking the time to familiarize themselves with power-kiting properly can save individuals an exorbitant amount of time. It may additionally absolve them from bumps or bruises once they hope on a kite-board for the first time.

Kite Surfing in Miami Beach with Bouyah Watersports

Kite surfing in Miami Beach is an extreme sport that requires a notable amount of water-confidence. Maintaining a responsible attitude, in addition to some kite surfing training remains crucial for safe entry into the activity.

Bouyah Watersports represents a go-to resource as a South Florida watersports provider. We boast over sixteen locations in the state of Florida, adhering to strict safety guidelines as a standard of our industry.

Our team focuses on offering you a safe, fun time while out on the water. To learn more about kite surfing in Miami Beach from the Bouyah team, contact our professional staff today!