Why You Should Try Paddle Boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Paddleboarding is an aquatic activity that just seems to keep increasing in popularity. Although a multitude of individuals now stand up and get out there on paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach, they certainly don’t represent the first.

In fact, fishermen were paddling around the waterways from their paddle boards for thousands of years before we started doing this as a recreational activity. By the mid 20th century, Hawaiian instructors would teach classes on paddle boarding atop their longboards with paddles.

Nevertheless, the sport took off when professional surfers began paddling along, and board makers started producing dedicated boards for standup paddle boarding.

Our team from Bouyah Watersports is an excellent resource for fun out on the water in the South Florida area. We help tourists and residents alike attain a slice of excitement that only a city like Miami can provide.

Bouyah wants to share some information on paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach and everything that really makes the activity great. We hope that after reading the following content, you decide to hop up on a board and start enjoying some paddle boarding yourself!

Why You Will Love Paddle Boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Paddleboarding is a minimalist sport, and many active people appreciate this about the activity. We can compare paddle boarding to snowboarding, a winter “extreme” activity. Snowboarding requires an extensive amount of equipment and preparation before beginning a session.

Enthusiasts wear cold weather gear, boots, and goggles. They’ll also need to check the conditions, obtain a lift ticket, etc. This can get quite exhausting. Contrarily, paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach remain very simple. You just can beat taking a dip into the water before hopping up on the board with some swim trunks and a paddle.

Most people hit the water without even wielding a concrete idea of where they might go. For many of them, this cultivates an almost therapeutic or meditative effect. Furthermore, paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach engage practically every muscle in the body to help you glide across the water.

You may not even consider this as a workout, though you will remain hard-pressed to discover a better exercise for your core. Even gym rats can benefit from proper form on a paddle board as this is a productive and enjoyable way to engage in an exciting activity while maintaining overall physical fitness.

More Benefits of Paddle Boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Compared to a kayak or canoe, a standup paddleboard can offer you a unique vantage point. This is something that Bouyah Watersports uses to our advantage in a beautiful location like South Florida.

When users remain seated on a water vessel, they often direct their focus towards moving forward and working hard. However, on paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach, you will direct your gaze towards the water, as well as across the horizon.

This will enable you to see everything that resides below you and around you. Because the essential process of paddle boarding is a relaxed and serene procedure, this also allows you to take advantage of this increased visibility.

For example, the clear waters in Biscayne Bay offer some incredible sights of the city, in addition to natural wildlife below that you might miss by trying to catch a small wave or move along at a record pace. Paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach encourage you to explore while rewarding you all the more for it.

Experienced paddleboarders will tell you that some pretty neat things can occur when you paddle along. You may meet some cool new people, catch a few waves, and also gain a unique perspective of your environment from the best vantage point on the water.

Paddle Boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach from Bouyah Watersports

If you are a beginner paddle boarder, our team from Bouyah Watersports can recommend some boards and equipment to use to get you started. Most beginners should rely on bigger boards for increased stability. There is nothing more demoralizing to a newbie paddle boarder than repeatedly falling into the water due to a wobbly board and underdeveloped balance.

If you want to get started with paddle boards in Fontainebleau Miami Beach, there is no better resource for your needs than our dedicated staff at Bouyah Watersports for tourists and residents alike. To learn more about how we can help you get out there on the water, contact us today!