What is Paddle Boarding?

Paddle Boards in Miami

Standup paddle boarding is taking the watersports world by storm. Although it remains difficult to judge the level of popularity and participation while comparing outdoor sports, many people thought of kayaking as the fastest growing watersport around. We can additionally safely say that kayaks transformed from one of the quickest growing to potentially the most popularity.

Nonetheless, in the modern water-activity world, paddle boards in Miami are quickly becoming many individuals water sport utility of choice. While it may not represent the most popular yet, paddle boarding currently serves as one of the fastest growing.

Paddleboarding began with similar roots to almost all other board sports: Hawaii. The sport actually wields ancient roots that became popular in our modern era amongst surfing instructors and photographers alike.

Paddleboarding utilizes a surfing-style board, as well as a long paddle. You can compare the activity to a blended cross between canoeing and surfing. Users can perform with paddle boards in Miami in a variety of forms. From flat water protected waterways to open water beach paddling, paddle boarding is an awesome way to stay acquainted with the water.

Getting Started with Paddle Boards in Miami

You could go to a surf shop and pick out the first or most inexpensive board that you find. However, this isn’t exactly the best way to go about getting started with paddle boards in Miami.

Boards and paddles will range in price, design, and materials. The better-quality gear will cost a bit more. Nonetheless, the good news is that these more expensive boards remain intended for intermediate and advanced riders.

Our team from Bouyah Watersports recommends that beginning riders stop by their local shop for some advice. They can also try out some different boards by renting gear a few times. Riders should try out as much as they can to determine what they like best.

Regardless if beginners choose to rent out or buy their equipment, the Bouyah team wants to offer some information on avoiding some common beginner mistakes.

Use the Retaining Leash

This tip applies to almost all paddle boards in Miami no matter the rider’s level. The first time a user takes a spill on their board, even a minimal current can demonstrate the crucial nature of relying on the board leash. In any conditions, a leash will keep the paddle board near the rider, keeping the board at their side so they can dust themselves off and get back up there.

Face the Paddle the Right Direction

Riders will want the paddle to scoop the water while trying to maintain balance and paddle the water without falling in. Unfortunately, falling off is something every paddle boarder experiences at least once.

Placing the paddle into the water will cup the water for a smooth paddle stroke and decreased stress on the shoulder or elbows. This offers the best angle to help a paddle boarder maintain their balance while generating the most power.

Paddle with the Body’s Core Muscles

Paddleboards in Miami offer an excellent workout. However, riders shouldn’t feel excess stress in their arms while paddle boarding. The core muscles represent the strongest muscles in our body, providing the most effective power for a paddle stroke.

By standing up tall and only relying on their arms, riders will quickly discover that they tire out very quickly without producing very much power. Simply look to the horizon and allow the paddle and the body’s core muscles to shoulder the load while gliding across the water’s surface.

Ride Manageable Waves

The biggest waves provide a scare for even the most seasoned paddle boarder. Mother nature is an exceptionally powerful being. For this reason, it is essential that paddleboarders respect this power, knowing their limits.

Paddleboards in Miami are for fun, and riders should not feel the need to prove anything or impress anyone. Riders must remain smart while riding waves in the right condition for their unique skill level.

Paddle Boards in Miami from Bouyah Watersports

Men, friends relax on a SUP boards in large river during sunset. Stand up paddle boarding – awesome active recreation in nature. Backlight, wide angle.

Paddleboards in Miami serve as a utility for an easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master activity. No matter if you reflect an individual who is a seasoned paddle boarder or a first-timer. Bouyah Watersports can provide you with an unforgettable experience that you might remember for a lifetime!

Always remember, safety first, and if you feel uncomfortable on a board, ask our friendly and professional staff for their best beginning tips. To learn more about our paddle boards in Miami, contact Bouyah Watersports today!