Paddleboarding in Miami Beach Essentials

Paddleboarding in Miami Beach began gaining popularity less than a decade ago. Although this activity may not remain as recognizable as riding a bicycle or wakeboarding, it represents a fun and exciting activity out on the water and continues to get noticed by fun-seeking adventurists.

Although the activity remains very much the same since its inception, paddle boarding in Miami Beach now offers boards in a massive range of styles designed for numerous different purposes. Riders can now utilize specialized boards for flatwater, river, lake, and ocean riding.

Fueled by pure manpower, paddle boarding in Miami Beach provides paddlers with incredible cardio exercise while helping to relieve stress. In fact, the sport is commonly mentioned to improve a rider’s core significantly.

With an easy learning curve, paddle boarding represents an ideal choice to improve fitness while having a ton of fun. Enjoy the view on a paddle board from Bouyah Watersports and easily forget that you can get the best workout ever!

Look down below the surface of the water, and you might even catch an amazing glimpse of our beautiful South Florida underwater life. Tilt your head up towards the gorgeous horizon, and you may even feel like an explorer of new lands!

Beginner Paddleboarding in Miami Beach

Simply seek out the water. However, you should try and pick out a day for your first paddle boarding experience with minimal wind, waves, and current for the best possible outcome. Nevertheless, the water must also remain deep enough to prevent you from hitting the ocean floor if you fall from the board.

All you need to do is walk out to the water about as deep as your knees. Rest your paddle across the board toward the nose and slowly stand up and regain your balance. Keep your knees comfortable spread apart, and spread apart into a squat. You can use the paddle like a balancing stick on a tightrope.

As soon as you feel comfortable, straighten your back to an upright position. Maintain your gaze on the horizon and slightly bend your knees. When you feel ready, you can inch your toes into a comfortable position.

Finally, you can place your paddle blade into the water. Think of this as a spoon. It may look the wrong way at first, but this is the right way to begin paddleboarding in Miami Beach. Once your blade hits the water, you will feel more stable, and you can begin engaging in this fun and exciting activity.

You Must Fall Down Before Getting Back Up

Falling down off the paddle board is a natural part of paddle boarding in Miami Beach. Once you fall in, you’ll feel like an official member of the paddle boarding tribe. Beginners often feel substantially apprehensive about falling off the board. Nevertheless, aside from getting wet, you wield a very minimal chance of getting hurt.

Even the most experienced paddlers will take a plunge now and then. For this reason, if you start to feel a little bit wobbly, don’t worry. Remember that paddleboarding in Miami Beach is a watersport, and it is okay to get wet.

Ensure your chosen location is at least shoulder deep. This will help you avoid hitting the bottom when you fall off the board. Take caution to fall to the side of the board, not on it. Don’t paddle near other objects like paddlers, boats, or surfers. Leave yourself some room. After all, the ocean is wide and vast.

If you fall, get back to your board. Get back up and try again. While lying down on the board, you can use your hands to paddle towards your floating paddle. When you retrieve the paddle get ready to stand up and try again!

Paddleboarding in Miami Beach with Bouyah Watersports

Paddleboarding in Miami Beach is an ideal method to obtain a fun and exciting South Florida experience. Simply hop up on a board and take in the elegant tropical metropolis that only Florida’s “Magic City” can offer.

Bouyah Watersports wants to help visitors and residents alike enjoy a fast-growing alternative to the traditional workouts at the gym. This cross between kayaking and surfing provides a truly unique opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun and on the water.

We design our board for simplicity and safety without prior experience to rent. To learn more about paddleboarding in Miami Beach with Bouyah Watersports, contact our team today!