What to Know Before Going Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale

Parasailing is one of the most enjoyable watersports for millions of Americans every year. It’s a simple enough concept, cruising through the air while affixed to a parachute. Nonetheless, those that have never parasailed before may still wield some apprehension regarding this activity.

The good news is that the parasailing industry has continued expanding its safety regulations while cultivating the necessary experience that helps put first-timers at ease. Although these people may still think about some of the most common myths regarding parasailing, it a relaxing ride through the skies.

Even for those that feel afraid of heights and flying, this vacation “thrill” is a fun and safe way for an amazing, unforgettable adventure. You can experience a new level of chill on a different level while you explore one of Florida’s most beautiful places with parasailing in Fort Lauderdale.

How to Decide if Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale is the Right Activity for You

Parasailing is a recreational “kiting” activity where passengers get towed behind a watercraft. The parasailing provider secures riders to a “canopy wing” or parachute that utilizes the air from the watercraft’s forward motion to create the riding sensation of floating or flying.

Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale is a serene experience. Some first-time riders may feel anxiety about the experience, but climbing through the air and maintaining elevation actually occurs at a gradual pace. For this reason, riders don’t feel their stomach drop as they may during motion and elevation changes that a thrill ride imparts.

Furthermore, there is no need to hang on for dear life either while parasailing. A harness keeps rider strapped in securely, and with additionally back support, parasailers can lean back and relax without the fear of falling or shifting.

Parasailing is nothing like roller coasters or “death drops.”  Most times, those that possessed substantial fear about this leisure activity come down saying how much they loved it.

A surprisingly peaceful, quiet activity, parasailing can help riders feel like floating or flying. They may endure a few thrills here and there, but for most, parasailing remains a leisurely, tranquil experience.

Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale Safety

No parasailing specialist or informative provider would do their job without discussing some element of safety concerning the activity. Any time human beings defy gravity, some element of danger exists. After all, what goes up must come down, and parasailing is no exception.

For this reason, passengers must familiarize themselves with the potential hazards they could experience during their ride. The good news is that providers like our team from Bouyah Watersports remain more than capable of ensuring the maximum level of safety and security during parasailing in Fort Lauderdale.

Weather remains a primary consideration for passengers before finally deciding to go parasailing. Even with a reservation booked, high winds and dark clouds can seemingly occur from nowhere in Florida. Unfortunately, these remain enough of a concern that potential riders should at least weigh out canceling their plans.

Additionally, looking at the integrity of parasailing equipment also remains essential. Look at the towline that affixes riders to the watercraft. Although the towline probably won’t look off-the-shelf brand new (unless it is), it should still look tight with no fraying or significant amounts of wear. It should also display no knots. Knots make a towline more likely to fail during operation.

Quality parasailing providers will take a path that is free of potential obstacles which could include trees, structures, and powerlines. The journey will be a relatively short one around 10 minutes. Nevertheless, checking these things out before a parasailing excursion is crucial for the best possible time on the water.

Any recreational or sporting activity will impart some level of risk. Parasailing is a safe, fun activity when performed with an experienced operator. Riders should look for providers that inspect and maintain their equipment regularly. In fact, the best ones freely discuss their safety practices.

Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale from Bouyah Watersports

Regardless if you need an activity to bond with your family or friends, or just want to find something to do during a sojourn at the coast, parasailing is an exciting choice. Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale offers a humbling, magical experience unlike any other.

South Florida offers several adrenaline-packed activities, each with its distinct charm. However, parasailing offers something different, a relaxing, charming look at a unique part of Florida. To learn more, contact our team from Bouyah Watersports today!